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The Art of FlyFishing


Why choose to fish with a Split Cane Fly Rod

As a fly fishermen you have already made a conscious decision that how you choose to catch fish is more important than merely catching them.


Choosing to fish with a split cane fly rod is about how they connect you to the tradition and heritage of our pursuit. If you retreat from the bustle of the city, to seek refuge in the peace and tranquillity that rivers offer. If you find a secret enjoyment in the preparation and care of your fly rod, line and gear, and appreciate the skill and craftsmanship in their creation. If you take the time to observe the river and your surroundings, the insect life, fishy lies and subtle rises, before making your first cast. If you prefer a rod that has substance and will never be outdated over the mass produced. This is the essence of traditional split cane fly fishing.

Let us build your perfect fly fishing tool

We understand that a split cane fly rod is a highly personal item and one which we are sure will soon become your favourite fishing companion. Each of our custom fly rods are hand split, planed and finished in the English tradition by our highly experienced rod makers. Most importantly each custom rod which leaves our workshops is built to be fished, and to last for many years to come.

Split cane fly rods, also known as bamboo fly rods, are often viewed as beautiful keepsakes, too often stored behind glass cases and admired rather than fished with. However those that have fished with them, know that this could never be farther from the truth. 

Specialists in making custom fly fishing rods, accessories and fly fishing kits to mark significant occasions such as retirement gifts, birthday presents and anniversaries. 

Makers of the Farlows 175th Anniversary Split Cane Fly Rods

Farlows 175th anniversary fly rod 2.jpeg


I just got off of several rivers in Montana and the custom made 4 weight cane rod you made for me was spectacular. My three fly fishing buddies were “fighting” with each other to get a chance to use it after they saw me casting (and catching mucho trout) with it. A fly rod that will clearly be a family heirloom for many generationsMichael 

Chris, It’s absolutely exquisite — the loveliest work of fly rod craftsmanship I’ve ever seen. It will be admired by my angler friends, and I expect some will want to have you make a cane rod for them. - John

You have done me PROUD! Thank you very much for all your expert work and kind attention. The fly rod is quite simply a work of art. It sits well in the hand and has the balance and action that I was expecting. - Peter

Our Split Cane Fly Rods & Fly Fishing Gifts

Whether shopping for yourself or for a gift for that special fly fisher you know, we are here to assist and offer expert advice for building a fly rod that meets your exact requirements. Order online and custom finish your fly rod or fly fishing kit, or complete our enquiry form to arrange a free consultation or a casting demonstration before proceeding. 

Cane fly rod silk line and reel.jpg

Start designing your ideal fly fishing tool by choosing from our wide range of best quality Tonkin cane rods and custom finishes - £1,550

Fly Fishing Gift.jpg

A very special kit which makes a unique gift for a variety of significant occasions including birthdays, anniversaries and retirements - £2,300

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