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A Mecca for fly fishing enthusiasts for more than a century, Farlows royal warrant is testament to a reputation of distinction. But it’s not just a fishing heritage that keeps customers returning. Whatever your quarry or destination, Farlows has the gear and guidance to ensure you cast, catch, aim and shoot better. Whether it’s the latest fly-fishing kit, traditional shooting attire, performance footwear or essential lifestyle accessories, a successful country encounter always starts at Farlows.

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Your  specialist for gift sets and selected products for the demanding fly fisher and outdoor enthusiast. It doesn't matter if you're searching for an exclusive gift set or a single product to meet your needs. You will find it all here!

In our blog we share useful information and news about the world of fly fishing.


The Mission Fly Mag is compiled by a team of guys who love both fly fishing and quality magazines and wanted to create something to be proud of. The end product is The Mission. Based in South Africa and admittedly biased towards African species and destinations, the team go anywhere for a story with an outlook that is 100% global. After all… you try telling a fly angler they can only fish where they are from. 


The Mission is free both in digital format and in print (currently limited to South African distribution). So save your ZARs, your US$, your £ and your € for what matters, for your next mission. 


A Personal Exploration of the History of Fly Fishing Tackle...

...and an attempt better to understand the way our hobby has evolved, reflected in the tackle and equipment we have used over the years.

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The River Don is reasonably well known for it's salmon and sea trout fishing, but the reason that most anglers visit the river is to enjoy the excellent brown trout fishing. An introduction to the Don with flies and tactics that will hopefully help you to tempt one of these beautiful trout.

From blacksmithing to basketry, from weaving to woodturning, we have an incredible range of heritage craft skills in the UK and some of the best craftspeople in the world. But many of these skills are in the hands of an ageing population.

Our guests and clients soon realise that a distinguishing feature of Andes Drifters is the quality of it staff and employees. We are proud of our hard working professional team and continually strive to deliver the highest standard of service. Your trust in us is highly prized and appreciated. Our aim is to provide you with an experience that exceeds your expectations.

Al Swanson is a passionate and professional craftsman who takes what he creates very seriously, and this is reflected in every piece that leaves their Helena, Montana workshops

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Chris & Leo the founders of Chalkstream Fly, are some of of the best film production and photography experts I know, not to mention the most passionate fly fishers

The Cape Piscatorial Society has a long and interesting history, with the society playing a key role in the introduction and management of trout in the Western Cape and South Africa. Take some time to learn about the society and those that have helped get it to where it is today.

Stu has been making top-end solid wood furniture and cabinetry since 2005. His unwavering commitment to quality is apparent in the DouglasBuilt dado-rabbet jointed furniture and birch plywood and solid wood cabinetry offering.

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