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Frequently asked questions

Some frequently asked questions from our customers

Q - How long does it take to make my rod? 

A - We usually ship each custom rod within 2-4 months of ordering. 

Q - What's included in the price of each rod?

A - We include a host of custom finish options in the price of each of our fly rods. These include rod lengths from 7' to 8', and line weights #2-6. Your choice of grip, colour wrappings, matching agate guide and choice of reel seat, and a handwritten inscription are also included. At the start you can decide if you wish to have one or two tips for your rod.

Q - What's not included?

A - There will be an additional charge for 3 piece rods and lengths longer than 8'. There is also an additional charge for impregnating the blank which can add up to 2 weeks to the making of the fly rod.

Q - Do you ship to my location? 

A - Yes, we ship worldwide. We give a quote for shipping and insurance at the time of completion.

Q - How do I place an order?

A - you can either checkout directly on our custom order page or for a more personalised service you can complete our Order Form. We are always available to discuss and answer any questions you might have to make sure we build a rod which meets your exact specifications. 

Q - How do I pay for a rod?

A - You can either pay via our online shop in full, or if you send in an order form we will take a 50% non-refundable deposit to commence work, with the balance payable upon completion.

Other not so frequent questions we have had in the past​

Q - Would you be able to make the loop on the line for me so I can see how you do it? 

A - I am happy to do this for you, but it will just add to the postage. Here is a link to do it I in fact just tie in a butt section then attach my leader to this to save the silk line tip. Silk fly lines are very fine, so if I buy a tapered leader for this purpose, then I usually snip off the first 1-3’ until I get a good match to the silk line tip then tie in the Albright connection. The good thing about this is that it doesn’t hinge and there is good transfer down the taper all the way from the reel to the fly.

Q - What leaders do you use and sizes? 

A - I typically fish a 9’ leader tapered, having snipped the butt section it is then about 7’ length, on a #3 or 4 rod, I usually fish a 7x tippet. I also used furled leaders when fishing pocket water with dry flies, as they have all the benefits of silk and coil back on themselves rather than dragging around on the water, they are very supple. Phoenix also supplies these I believe.

Q - Out of interest what sort of bag to you use on the river? 

A - I use an over the shoulder bag, I like to fish minimalist as possible, I don’t like having multiple pockets which end up accumulating all the things you find at the checkout counter of most fishing shops. Snips, tippet, floatant and small fly collecting can stay in top shirt pocket, with lunch and coffee, dry socks in the bag. Also a selection of those flies you think you might need when you have tried everything tucked away safely for peace of mind 😉

Q - Do you use a long handled or short handled net? 

A - Personally I use a short handle net, again its compact so can stay on the back of the shirt or tucked in the waders. This way line doesn’t wrap around it if you are wading. I usually try to wet release all fish without a net, but better to have one when you need it. Generally I will wade or lie on the bank to unhook a fish. If you can lift it out the water with a #3 then it is 99% a wild trout. I don’t advise this ever with a fly rod!


Q - Is there a particular make of net you use? 

A - Not really, but there are some very nice nets out there which are custom made. For me the most important characteristic is that they are made of rubber, not very traditional, but does not damage the fishes protective slime coating.

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