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When it comes to building a custom split cane fly rod our workshops have access to a huge library of rod tapers. Whether you are looking for a classic full actioned rod or perhaps something with an action more similar to a modern carbon fly rod, we can build it for you. We have refined the core tapers of our most popular rod lengths and line weights which have received outstanding reviews. You can have peace of mind in the knowledge, that once you have chosen your desired rod length and line rating, we will follow up to discuss with you what you are looking for and make the final refinements to the rod action.

Below we have some first hand reviews of our rod actions from our customers.

The 7' No3

"I have put my 7' Symphony No3 cane fly rod to very good use on the River Wye. The rod action combined with the silk line is a revelation and a joy to fish with!" Peter

"The 7' #3 is, for the bamboo fly rod aficionado, a great rod to add to their collection and would have great pleasure for years to come when out on the water casting to some rising wild brownies." Robin

"To say that I was completely stunned by these rods is almost an understatement. Somehow he has managed to create one of the sweetest actioned rods I've ever cast. A total delight." Richard

"When using the rod I found that I had slowed down my casting quite a bit due to the slower action of the rod, but it didn’t put me off. In fact it was such a pleasure for a change to relax and really enjoy my days fishing and the surroundings I was in. For an old man I’ve never felt so alive and relaxed after a good days fishing. What a brilliant rod to fish with." Robin

The 7'6 No4

"The 4wt 3 piece custom split cane rod was all I ever dreamed and hoped for. Easy to cast all day, delicate in the presentation of dries in the 12 - 24 size range." Hugh

"Its official, not only is the rod a thing of beauty but it fishes beautifully as well. In combination with the silk line its a special delight to fish with, the line lays down on the water very well and its seems as though it's not possible to cast poorly." David

The 8' No5

"The 8' #5 was used last weekend on the Anton and again two days later on the Itchen, super action and a real different feel to the carbon rods I fish with and great when you have a fish on." Gary

"First day of the season on the Kennet - first fish to the rod on a size 16 Adams on a 3lb breaking strain (the stuff nightmares are made of!) what a great fight and on this rod SO exciting - cast like a dream - IT not me" Bob

The 9' No6

"The rod is quite simply a work of art. It sits well in the hand and has the balance and action that I was expecting." Peter

Notes on Rod Actions

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